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Michael 08/11/2017

Very clean and pleasant. The larger rooms are very good value, they have combined two small rooms into one so ask for one. The restaurant is good value if you want to eat in at night. its about 15 mins walk to the metro station.


Conditioner was functional! Comfortable bed. Spacious room and no queue at the elevator (we were on the 12th floor). Water dispenser in the corridor.


I had to split my staying because I added one day more to our trip and I couldn't change the date because the room I ordered was full... so I did new order for one day and you can read my previous message. To summer up really good place with view on the city and it will be good if you will ask for room in the high floor for less noises, like the 12 floor although I think the 9 floor is good too we were in both of them. We all loved it we thanks to the staff who tired to help us a lot.


The hotel is near the metro station,taking about 10 minutes to walk to. The staff are friendly and have good English ability. There are also some supermarkets、shopping malls near the hotel.

Nemanja Radivojevic17/08/2017

Excellent hotel .Good breakfast. Excellent location. Friendly stuff.

Vadim and Daria16/04/2012

Thank you so much to the hotel staff for the warm welcome, the fast service, and the delicious breakfasts! It was a pleasure to stay with you!


The room was clean, not reeking of tobacco smoke. I really liked the buffet, a wide range of dishes. However, the restaurant has big tables for 8 people and perhaps not everyone will enjoy sitting in the company of noisy strangers.

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